Letters from Mattie Thaxton Ford, 1937 Muskogee, OK

Two original letters from Mattie Thaxton Ford (1877-aft 1930), daughter of Thomas James Thaxton (1830-1897) (a son of John Thaxton (1800-1854) and Delilah Anderson of Washington Co., Illinois, and a grandson of Thomas Thaxton (ca 1744-1824) of Pendleton District, South Carolina, and Allen Co., Kentucky).

350 Callahan St., Muskogee, Okla.

July 25th, 1937

Mr. W. G. McDonough

McMinnville, Tenn

         Dear Sir, was very much surprised to receive a printed copy of a Thaxton Reunion, as we had never heard of others by that name not related to our family, and I think we must be but I cannot trace our line from this book, but our grandfather’s name is John Thaxton and our father’s name Thomas James Thaxton, but we have an old record a leaf from an old Bible which spells their name Thackston, but we have always spelled ours Thaxton.  This record is as follows.

John Thackston born Mar. 18 – 1800

married to Delilah Anderson in Allen Co., Ky, and these children were born there.

Mary Frances born July 15 – 1828

Thomas James   ”   June 20 – 1830 (our father)

Sarah Jane   ”   Apr. 22 – 1833

Katherine   ”   June 21 – 1835

Jasper Newton   ”   June 29 – 1837

Jemima Ann   ”   Dec 31 – 1839

Martha Elizabeth   ”   Apr 15 – 1841

Sampson Anderson   ”   Aug. 24 – 1842

John Henry   ”   Mar 13 – 1845

George Washington   ”   Feb. 4 – 1850

In 1839 this family moved to near Nashville Washington Co, Ill.

We have heard our father tell of his fathers brothers and sisters, and so I’ll tell as much as we can remember.

There was a James Thaxton who moved near Springfield, Ill. and another brother Thomas who moved down in Texas, a sister Patsy who married Thomas Brown and lived near Springfield, Ill, Sally who married Drury Logan and Matilda who married Wm Logan both lived near Nashville, Ill.  then there was a brother Riley who went away and they never knew where he located.

This is as far back as we have any records our father died in 1897 and none of his family are living to give us any information about their records, but we would be so pleased if any of the Thaxtons you know have any knowledge concerning us and can tell us to which branch of the family we belong.

We have five children in our family living Edna E Brown lives in Calif.  Mollie T. Beers lives in Kansas City.  Clara S. Thaxton, J. A. Thaxton and myself (Mrs. F. M. Ford) living in Muskogee.  We have Thaxton cousins one D. E. Thaxton living in Coshocton Ohio, Roy Thaxton [living in] E. St. Louis, Ill.  Grover Thaxton [living in] Corpus Christi, Tex.

So you see we do not have such a large family, but I would be so glad to meet some of these, and especially to be able to trace our lineage.  Hoping to hear from some of you again.

Very truly

Mattie Thaxton Ford

*     *     *     *     *

Muskogee, Okla


Mr. W. G. McDonough,

McMinnville, Tenn

          Dear Sir, was certainly very glad to receive your letter, also the record in regard to my great grandfathers family, but I think it very strange that our grandfathers name is not given as one of his children, but I do remember hearing Father say that Aunt Patsy (Mrs Thomas Brown of Springfield, Ill.) and his father (John) were own brothers & sisters, but some of these others were of a different mother, so it would seem from our grandfather (John Thaxtons) age that their mother must have been the war widow, who died back in S.C. as it would make our great grandfather (Thomas Thaxton), born in 1744 our grandfather (John) 1800 our father Thomas James Thaxton 1830.  now are they cousins to the Thomas or John in your book?

I am sure this Thomas is our great grandfather [“of some of” deleted] these names of our grandfathers brothers and sisters from hearing father speak of them.

Have you ever had any communication from any of our great grandfathers branch of the family?  We of course know about our own immediate cousins, but I do not know who sent me this little booklet about your Family Reunion, I thought perhaps some one had given you my name, as I was a Thaxton.

My cousin Grover Thaxton at Corpus Christi once lived in Henrietta, Okla but not Tex, but has been in Corpus Christi for a year or so.  Do you know of any of our Thaxton relatives now living in Allen Co. Ky.?  I know that isn’t so far from McMinnville, Tenn. does not look on the map to be more than 150 mi. but we had never before heard there was a Thaxton Reunion.

The record I sent you of my fathers family, was from a record that is aged and yellow a page from a Bible or some other book, I would think that has been handed down for many years, seventy or more.

Thanking you for your kindness in making me this copy of my great grandfathers record, as I have two daughters who would like to be D.A.R.s.

Would be glad to send you our records of our family down to the present, but since we are not of the same branch, they would not help any in your files.

Very truly, Mattie Thaxton Ford


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2 responses to “Letters from Mattie Thaxton Ford, 1937 Muskogee, OK

  1. Mary Davis

    Previously there was a calendar on your blog page that made it easy to navigate through the entries.
    That seems to have disappeared. Can we get that back?

  2. thaxtongenealogy

    It’s back. Didn’t know anybody used it. 🙂

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