Letter from Elma Jones Thaxton, 1935 Crystal Springs, MS

Original letter from Elma Jones Thaxton (1891-1969), wife of Gordon Arnold Thaxton (1884-1979) (son of Augustus Monroe Thaxton (1849-1930?), grandson of Samuel Ward Thaxton (ca 1808-ca 1855), great-grandson of Yelverton Thaxton (1787-1864), great-great-grandson of William Thaxton of Halifax Co., Virginia):

                    Crystal Springs, Mississippi

                    May 28, 1935

Mr. W. G. McDonough

McMinnville Tennessee

Dear Mr. McDonough:

The fact that my husband knows so little about his family is very much regretted by us.

The great grandfather, a Dr. Thaxton, came to this country from England having received his education in medicine in that country and is buried in Georgia.  His son, Ward Thaxton, is the grandfather of my husband.  We think this grandfather was born in Butts County Georgia, as was his father Augustus M. Thaxton.  This Ward Thaxton is buried in Tennessee.

The fact that he knows so little of the Thaxtons is caused from both of these earlier settlers dying when his father was quite young and the history was not preserved for him.

I feel that since you have most likely done a great deal of research work you may have information that would be prized by us.

G. W. Thaxton in Tupelo is a nephew of my husband he had written him of you.

So far as any children are concerned they are eligible in the various socieites on my lines, but I am eager to clear up the other lines for them.  I do not say it boastfully but I do say with pride that we have a very complete history on both my father’s and mother’s side.  My mother’s line has been established through the Order of the Crown and runs through the Bruces of Scotland back to Charlemagne.

My little fifteen year old daughter did some research work at the state capitol library and I think this John Thaxton to whom you refer is the one found there.  Ward Thaxton had a brother named John.

We are working on this Thaxton line and I appreciate your letter.  We would be so delighted to hear from you again.

Cordially yours

Elma Jones Thaxton

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