1920s Thackston obits Danville Bee (Halifax Co., VA)

Obituary of Mrs. Pattie Thackston, from The Bee (Danville, Va.), 16 Jun 1925:

Mrs. Pattie Thackston Passes Away

Obituary of Mary Llewellyn Young, mother-in-law of Joel B. Early Thackston (1847-1913, son of Henry Chellis Thackston, grandson of Nathaniel Thackston, great-grandson of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish) from The Bee, 16 May 1924:

Centenarian Dies in Halifax County

Obituary of Barney Early Thackston, son of Joel B. Early Thackston, from The Bee, 13 May 1929:

Barney Thackston Dies in Durham

and a more detailed one from The Bee, 21 May 1929:

B. E. Thackston Dies At Durham

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