Letter of Ida Mae Thaxton Harney 1935 (Warren Co., TN and Grayson Co., TX)

Original letter of Ida Mae Harney (1899-1978), daughter of James Anderson Thaxton (1861-1941) and Mary Elizabeth Cook of Warren Co., Tennessee, and Grayson Co., Tennessee, granddaughter of John Benjamin Thaxton (1835-1905) and Eliza Jane Hennessee of Warren and Grundy counties, Tennessee; great-granddaughter of John Thaxton Jr. (1805-1890) and Frances Hammond:

Borger, Texas

November 14, 1935

Mr. Grady McDonough

McMinnville, Tennessee

Dear Grady:

Replying to your letter of October 30, regarding the data of birth-dates, marriages, etc., of my branch of the family.

James Anderson Thaxton, born, April 27, 1861

Mary Elizabeth Cook, born, December 23, 1869

James A. Thaxton & Mary Cook, married, October 4, 1896

Earline Thaxton, born, September 24, 1897

Ida Mae Thaxton, born, January 28, 1899

Moved from Tennessee, December 21, 1907

Present address:  Sherman, Texas


Earline Thaxton & Grover Cleveland Rich, married January 1, 1919

Ralph Lee Rich, born October 12, 1919

James Sanford Rich, born November 22, 1931

present address:  Bennington, Oklahoma


Ida Mae Thaxton & Guy Belton Simmons, married August 6, 1915

Ida Mae Thaxton-Simmons & George Clarence Harney, married January 25, 1919

George Phil Harney, born, July 16, 1922

Present address:  Borger, Texas


Grady, I am afraid you will find this set up in a rather messy way, but the dates are correct.  If you don’t mind, would rather you listed Guy Simmons, as deceased, for he really is, but if you want to list it, divorced, will be alright.  I will write you later, giving all the family news, but am rushed to death at present.  I have the entire Hutchinson County Relief Board; doing all the work, and have around 151 cases, so am kept rather busy.  Glad to have been of any assistance in this matter, and will write later.

Very truly yours,

Ida Mae Harney [signature is handwritten; rest of letter is typed]

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  1. Anonymous

    Ida Mae Harney was my grandmother.

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