Alabama Thackston / Thaxton Civil War service records

These are notes taken several years ago from a review of Confederate service records.  Most are Thackston / Thaxton; a couple are in-laws.

Thackston / Thaxtons listed in the index to federal Compiled Service Records from Alabama:

B. H. Thaxton, Co. D, 46th Ala. Inf.  Private.
Charles Thaxton, Co. A / D 47th Ala. Inf.  Pvt.
D. L. Thaxton, Co. D, 17 Ala. Inf.  1st Lieu.
Francis M. Thaxton, Co. E, 49 Ala. Inf.  Pvt.
G. W. Thaxton, Co. C, 53 Alabama (Partisan Rangers).  Pvt.
Samuel Thaxton, Alabama Reserves.  Pvt.

State military service (compilation) cards reflect these entries for Thackston / Thaxton:

W. J. Thackston, private, Captain L. Brooks Co., Montgomery Co. Reserves, Co. G.  Home guards.  Muster roll 13 Aug 1864.

B. H. Thaxton, private, Co. D, 46th Ala. Inf. Regt.
Muster in roll not dated.  Enlisted in Coosa Co.

D. H. Thaxton, private, Co. D, 46th Ala. Inf. Reg.  Enlisted 01 Apr 1862, Coosa Co., AL.  Died 30 May 1862.  Born in [not stated].  Farmer, Buyckville, Ala.  Record roll, compiled by Geo. E. Brewer 1866.

Dixon S Thaxton, Co. D, 17th Ala. Inf. 1st Lieut.  Age 25.  Muster in roll dated 17 Sep 1861 Montgomery.

G. W. Thaxton, private, Co. C, 53rd Regt.  [On pension roll in] Jefferson County.  Enl Apr 1862 at Montgomery.  Discharged 26 Apr 1865.  Witnesses W B Dunlap, T J Dukes.

George Washington Thaxton, private, Co. C, 53rd Ala. Cav.  Enlisted Feb 1862 at Montgomery, continued until Johnson’s Army surrendered.  Paroled at Columbia, SC, in May 1865.  From personal statement census tax assessor Walker County 1907.

*     *     *

From federal Compiled Service Records:

D. L. Thaxton, 1st Lt., Co. D, 17 Reg’t Alabama Inf.
On roster of “the Seventeenth Alabama Regiment of Volunteers, Cantey’s Brigade, 1st Division, Dept. of the Gulf, Polk’s Corps., Army of the West; organized September, 1861, and mustered into Confederate service September, 1861, for the war.”  Roster dated Camp Maury near Pollard, Ala, April 14, 1864.  Elected lieutenant 17 Sep 1861.  Resigned 23 Dec 1861, succeeded by W. D. Hull.
D. L. Thaxton’s resignation is referenced in “S.O. No. 314 – Army of Pensacola – Bragg.”  File includes original pay vouchers: 12 Oct 1861 for previous month $90 (with signature); 20 nov 1861 for svc from 09 Oct 1861 to 30 Nov 1861 $156.

B. H. Thaxton, Pvt, Capt. Croft’s Co., Infantry Reg’t of Alabama Volunteers [Co. D, 46th Ala. Inf.]  Mustered in at Loachapoka Ala 06 Apr 1862, Coosa Co., Ala.  No other record.

G. W. Thaxton, Pvt, Co. C, 53 Alabama (Partisan Rangers).  Appears on company muster roll for May and June 1863: enlisted 01 Jun 1863 at Florence Ala by J E Humphries; muster roll for June 30 to Oct 31, 1863: last paid by Capt. Felder to 30 Jun 1863; muster roll for Nov & Dec 1863 dated 07 Mar 1864: last paid by J. P. Dickerson to 31 Oct 1863; receipt roll for clothing for “1 Qr” and 4 Qr, 1864.

Charles Thaxton, Pvt, Co. A, 47 Reg’t Ala Inf.  Muster roll for July & Aug 1862 dated 31 Oct 1862: enlisted 26 Apr 186  at Loachapoka by A Menefer [? difficult to read; faded]; muster roll for 31 Aug to 11 Dec 1862 says enlisted 20 Mar 1862 at Loachapoka by M J. Bulger: absent sick since Dec the 11th; muster roll for Nov & Dec 1862 says last paid by Capt Dawson to 31 Aug 1862, transferred to Co. D, 47th Regt. Ala.Vol.; muster roll for Jan & Feb 1863 still for Co A; muster roll for Mch & Apl 1863 again refers to transfer;
Co. D: muster roll for Sep & Oct 1862 says enlisted 01 Oct [no year] at Bunker Hill, Va by Capt. Campbell, last paid by Capt Dawson to Sept [], transferred to Co. A; muster roll for Nov & Dec 1862 same except absent, sick at hospital; muster roll Jan & Feb 1863 says enlisted Oct 1862, no pay since enlistment, no bounty due, absent, sick at Richmond Hospital (Camp Winder); muster roll for Mch & Apl 1863, absent, furlough at home; muster roll for Apl 30 to July 30, 1863 dated 28 Jul 1863, last paid by Capt Hardy to 31 Dec 1862, sick at hospital since August 1, 1863[sic]; muster roll for 31 Jul to 31 Aug 1863, same last pay date, sick at hospital since about July 31, 1863; muster roll for Sept & Oct 1863 dated 20 Jan 1864, last paid by Capt Dawson to 30 Jan [], present; muster roll for 31 Oct 1863 to 29 Feb 1864, last paid by Capt Dawson to 31 Oct 1863, absent, sick at hospital since 10 Feb 1864; muster roll for Mch & Apl 1864, present, sent to hospl since muster; muster roll for May & June 1864 dated 01 Sep 1864, last paid by Capt Dawson to 29 Feb 1864, absent, sick at hospital since 30 Jul 1864; muster roll for July & Aug 1864 dated 09 Feb 1865, last paid by W. F. Kemper to 30 Jun 1864, present, at home on sick furlough, returned to duty since muster; muster roll for 31 Oct 1864 to 28 Feb 1865, last paid by Capt Sanford to 31 Aug 1864, present.
On list of POWs belonging to the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered by Robert E. Lee to U. S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, 09 Apr 1865.  As C. F. Thaxton.
On register of medical director’s office, Richmond, Virginia, Hospital – Winder admitted 17 Dec 1862.  Receipt roll for clothing 5 Div Gen Hosp. Camp Winder Va. issued 14 Feb 1863.  Receipt roll for clothing, Howards Grove & Chimborazo Hosp Richmond Va issued 08 Sep 1864.  On register of General Hospital, Howard’s Grove, Richmond, Virginia, received 30 Jul 1864, admitted 31 Jul 1864, furloughed 40 days 09 Sep 1864.  On register of receiving and wayside hospital or General Hospital No. 9, Richmond, virginia, admitted 30 Jul 1864, disposition Howard’s Grove 31 Jul 1864.

Francis M. Thaxton, pvt, Co. E, 49 Ala. Inf.
Company muster-in roll Camp Shoaaf near Nashville 13 Jan 1862.  Joined for duty 02 Jan 1862 at Gundersonville, Ala for 12 months.  Only card.

Samuel Thaxton, Roll # 880837, pvt, Ala Reserves.
register of paroled confederate soldiers for the month of June, 1865, by Maj. Ross Wilkinson, A. D. C. and Provost Marshal, 16th A. C.  Date 19 Jun.
Headquarters 16th Army Corps, Office Provost Marshal, Montgomery, Ala., 17 Jun 1865.  Oath of allegiance signed Samuel  – X – his mark – Thaxton.  Height, 5’9″, light hair, blue eyes, fair complexion.

Z. B. Jackson, Co. G, 7 Ala. Cav.
Oath of allegiance 31 May 1865.  5’9″, dark hair, grey eyes, fair complexion.  Only record.  Other soldiers’ records suggest the company enlisted in Montgomery 22 Jul 1863.

State records show Z. Jackson, private, Montgomery Co. Militia Cavalry Reserves (Home Guards), muster roll 13 Aug 1864.  Zack B. Jackson shown as exempt from military service as a Justice of the Peace, Montgomery Co.  Authority: Governor’s correspondence 1863-1864.

John G. Pouncey, Co. G, 45 Ala. Inf.
Very faded.  On register of St. Mary’s Hospital, Dalton, Georgia, [can’t read] complaint, admitted [can’t read] 1863, card mentions Montgomery but can’t read remarks.  On payment on descriptive lists, service from 26 Jan to 31 Mar 1863, paid 23 Sep 1863 $23.00.  Certificate of disability for discharge.  Faded, but appears to say Pri. John G. Pouncey of Captain Williams Company G 45 Ala. [something] Capt. Cummins [something] Montgomery Ala. 25 Jan 1863.  [something] Montgomery County, Alabama, 38y, 5’8″ tall, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, farmer.  Soldier has been in the hospital since Sept 7th 1863 on his examination I found him suffering from dyspepsia and dysam [can’t read] of many months standing.  {something} something about general health. — From the best information we can obtain this soldier has performed no duty since the first of March 1863.  Believing him wholly unfit for active field service or any of the duties of [can’t read] recommend his discharge from service.  05 Feb 1864.  Signed by hospital superintendent, 3 physicians.  Appears to be an original signature payment receipt, but faded.

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