Thaxton Epperson service record Mexican War

Notes from the Mexican War service record of Thaxton L. Epperson, son of Lucy Thaxton and Robert Epperson:

Mexican War service records (originals)

Checked index for Thackston-Thaxton – none

Epperson, T. L.

Co. B, Capt. Wood’s Co. (B), 2 Reg’t Texas Mounted Volunteers.

On Company muster-in roll dated Point Isabel Texas 11 Jul 1846. 1 Lieut. Joined for duty and enrolled 15 May 1846 at Liberty Co. for 6 mos. Mustered into service 24 Jun 1846.

On muster roll for 22 Jun to 31 Aug 1846, present, paid from 22 of Jun to 31 of Jul 1846 pay due him from that date.

On company muster-out roll dated Monteray 02 Oct 1846. Last paid to July 31, 1846. Paid from 22 Jun to 31 Jul 1846; pay due to 22d of June & from 31st of July 1846.

On company muster roll for June and July 1846 present.

Record of events for Co. B: only one card. June 22 to Aug 31, 1846, station Comargo.

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