Mississippi Thackston / Thaxton Confederate service records

These are notes taken during the 1990s when reviewing original compiled service records of confederate soldiers at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Individual records come first, then summary of activity for the companies during the time that the Thackston / Thaxtons were members.

Ambrose E. Thackson, Co. K, 15 Reg’t Mississippi Volunteers (Inf. Confederate) Private 15 Miss On muster-in roll 11 Jun 1861 at Corinth by Capt J.M. Watson for twelve months. Age 18 years.

Died August 8th. Height 5 foot 6 inches. Born in Miss. Farmer. Post Office: Double Springs, Miss. Due him: $46.26.  Pay Order to Rebecca Thaxton (made copy).  From letter from Watson (made copy) “eyes yellow, fair hair . . . his father is dead and has been for many years . . . his mother Rebecca Thaxton is the proper heir . . .”

*     *     * 

James L. Thaxton, Age 22, Co. G, 15 Reg’t Mississippi Volunteers (Confederate infantry).  Private.  On Muster-in Roll 27 May 1861 at Corinth into Capt. E.R. Armistead’s Co. by Capt. Statham. Enlisted for twelve months.  Traveling 148 miles to place of rendezvous. Mustered into service June 8, 1861.

Paid by Capt. N G Watt for service to July 1, 1861. Not stated as to absence/presence on roll dated August 16, 1861. Paid by Maj. Sullins for service to Dec 31, 1861. Appears on muster roll for period of December 31, 1861 to June 18, 1862. (enlistment period) Paid by Capt. W M Jaynes for service to Apr 30, 1862. Appears on muster roll for period of June 18, 1862 to Sept 1, 1862. (enlistment period) Paid by Capt. W M Jaynes for service to Aug 31, 1862. Appears on muster roll for period of Sep & Oct 1862. (enlistment period) Paid by Capt. W M Jaynes for service to Oct 31, 1862. Appears on muster roll for period of Nov & Dec 1862. (enlistment period) Paid by Capt. B J Dudly for service to Dec 31, 1862. Appears on muster roll for period of May & Jun 1863. (enlistment period) Absent without leave since 17th day of July 1863. Does not appear on any muster roll for 1863. Is present on Bounty Roll dated March 2, 1864. Appears on muster roll for period jof Mar & Apr 1864 and Jul & Aug 1864. J L Thackston, Private, Co. G 15 Reg’t Mis Inf. of Yallabooshy Co. Miss appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War of Co. C, Detachment with Ector’s Brigade, composed of men from the Armies of Virginia and Tennessee, Confederate States Army, commanded by Lt. A J Willis, surrendered at Citronella, Ala, by Lt. gen. R. taylor, C.S.A. to Maj. Gen E R S Canby, USA, may 4, 1865, and paroled at Meridian, Miss, May 9, 1865.

*     *     *

James Thaxton, Age 23, Capt. W S Stratham’s Co. 4 Reg’t. Mississippi Volunteers. Mustered into service 19 Apr 1861 at Grenada by Capt. P F Liddell.  No other record. (no listing of the company in this record)

*     *     *

J G Thackston, Private, Co. G, 15 Reg’t Miss. Inf. of Yallabooshy Co. Miss.  Appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War of Co. C, Detachment with Ector’s Brigade, composed of men from the Armies of Virginia and Tennessee, Confederate States Army, commanded by Lt. A J Willis, surrendered at Citronella, Ala, by Lt. gen. R. taylor, C.S.A. to Maj. Gen E R S Canby, USA, may 4, 1865, and paroled at Meridian, Miss, May 9, 1865. (this appears to be the same record as J L above) roll # 1488261

*     *     *

George W Thackston, Private, 11th Cavalry, Co. I, Perrin’s Reg’t, Mississippi Cavalry.  Enlisted December 8, 1863 at Greensboro, Mississippi, enrolled by Capt. T.B. Foard for the period of the war. Present for roll for period of March & April, 1864. Private was riding the government’s horse. For period of Jul & Aug was in the hospital sick.  (Now the period of enlistment is given as 3 years.)

On the Muster and Descriptive Roll of the organization named above (11 Cav. (Perrin’s)), mustered Aug 8, 1863 G. W. Thackerson is listed as age 40, height: 6 ft; eyes hazel, hair dark, enlisted in Choctaw County, beat no. 5 on Sep 8, 1863

*     *     *

John Thaxton, Pvt., Capt. M.D. Shelby’s Company (Bolivar Greys) Missippi Cavalry mustered into service May 4, 1861 at Greenville by Wm G. Yerger. No other record.



Co. E 28th Mississippi Cavalry (“Mayson Dragoons”)

From 10 Mar to 30 Apr 1862 – at Camp Benjamin Jackson MS

July & Aug 1862 – camp

Sep & Oct 1862 – “On 19 Sept fired into transport & Gun Boat at Dr Niblets in Bolivar Co Miss.; damage done the enemy not known. No damage done company. On 12 Oct took up our line of march for Panola, Miss.”

Nov & Dec 1862 – “On the 1st Nov the Co. was encamped near Panola, Miss. On or about the 5th Dec the Co. took up the line of march for Grenada, Miss. The Co. served as couriers, scouts, and picket guards till present date.”

Jan & Feb 1863 – “On the 25″ January the Co. took up the line of march from Grenada Miss to Columbia Tenn., arriving at the latter place on the 17″ Feb”

Mar & Apr 1863 – station near Mechanicsburg. “Charged the enemy in Franklin Tenn on 10″ April 1863.”

May & June 1863 – station Brandon, Miss. “Left Spring Hill Tenn for Columbus, Miss 19 May 1863 Distance 450 miles. Engaged & routed the enemy on 23″ June at or near Big Black Yazoo City, Miss.”

July & Aug 1863 – station near Clinton. “Left Mechanicsburg, Miss. 4″ July. Marched to Birdsongs ferry, via Scott’s ferry. Covered the retreat of Gen. Johnston’s Army – skirmished with the enemy on 8″ July 2 1/2 miles west of Clinton – reached Jackson 10″ July, 13″ started for rear of Federal Army, returned via Canton, arrived at Brandon about the 18″ July or 10” Aug – started on a march to Fayette Miss – returning via Canton to Clinton.

Sep & Oct, Nov & Dec 1863 – station near Brownsville, Miss.


*     *     *

Co. A (new) 10th Miss Inf.

May & June 1862 – camp near Tupelo

June 30 to Oct 31, 1862 – station Knoxville, Tenn. “In action at Mumfordsville Sept. 14, 1862, 8 men wounded, one of which since died. Changed from Tupelo Saltillo, Miss., from there to Chattanooga, Tenn., from there on foot to Lawrenceburgh, Ky. in a skirmish, and from there back to Knoxville, Tenn.”

Nov & Dec 1862 – station Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Jan & Feb 1863 – station Camp Bishop, nr Shelbyville, Tenn. “In action at Murfreesboro, Tenn.; 1 killed in action, 1 died of wounds, 1 missing, 10 wounded. Left Murfreesboro on the morning of th 4th of January. Marched to Shelbyville, a distance of 30 miles. 6th & 7th marched to Alasonia, a distance of 26 miles. 9th & 10th marched back to Shelbyville. On the 11th pitched tents at Camp Biship, near Shelbyville, to date.”

Mar & Apr 1863 – station Shelbyville, Tenn. “This company is now doing guard duty in this place. The regt. to which it belongs has been detached in connection with Blythe’s to do the same. It is now commanded by Col. J. H. Sharp, who, by the way, is a sharp fellow. The number of tents have been diminished to 64 flies for every hundred men. The season rainy and cold. The regiment tore down an old shanty called a fairgrounds ampheatre [sic], for which they were ordered to pay Eleven Hundred and thirty dollars by Lt. Genl. Leonidas Polk. The military spirit of the company raised to the highest fighting pitch by the above transaction and all they ask is to be led in — no favors shown — a fair thing and hands all around.”

Jul & Aug 1863 – “This company has been stationed at Bridgeport, Ala., up to 21st of August, 1863, since which time it has been stationed in the vicinity of Chattanooga, Tenn.”

[Company was at Chickamauga 20 Sep 1863]

Jan & Feb 1864 – “This company has been on picket 4 1/2 miles north of Dalton, Ga., on the Cleveland road. Was in line of battle 4 days, around Dalton, since last muster.”

*     *     *

Co. H, 15th Mississippi Infantry

29 May to 30 Jun 1861 – stationed at Camp Brown near Union City Tenn.

29 May to 12 Oct 1861, station Camp Buckner, Kentucky.

Jan & Feb 1862 (dated 14 Jun 1862) – station Tupelo

28 Feb to 31 Aug 1862 – station Sulpher Springs, Miss

Nov & Dec 1862 – station near Grenada Miss

July & Aug 1863 – station Newton Miss. “July 1st 1862. Encamped near Brownsville July 6th commenced March to Jackson, and arrived there 8th inst remained there till 15th during which time we skirmished with enemy every day. Left Jackson on 15th and arrived at Brandon next day. Left Brandon 19th reached camp near Moton ? 21st remained there about week & marched for camp at Forest. Left Forest Aug 8th reached our present encampment near Newton on 10th all in Miss”

Sep & Oct 1863 – marched to Meridian, Brandon, Canton.

Nov & Dec 1863 – stationed at Canton.

Jul & Aug 1864 – station Atlanta. “Have been in the various marches and countermarches of the Army of Tenn since May 12 1864, and now in the trenches in front of Atlanta awaiting further developments of the enemy who left our front in morning 27 inst.”

Mar & Apr 1864 – station Montevallo, Ala. “There are no events to be recorded since last muster except a change of station from Demopolis, Ala., where we were last mustered to our present encampment near Montevallo, Ala, which we reached about 9th April having marched from Demopolis a distance of about one hundred miles. The company whose term of service would expire in May next has volunteered to serve during the war. Most of the deserters reported on this muster are owing to the bad example set by Capt Reasons who has gone to the trans Mississippi to raise a cavalry command & no doubt induced many of the Co to follow him. In consequence of the desertion of Capt Reasons the 1st Sergt who destroyed or carried off such records of the Company as they had the no & date of orders detailing men etc cannot be given.”

May & Jun 1863 – “Marched from Big Black Bridge May 1st to near Port Gibson. Skirmished with the enemy on the 3rd and fell back on West side of Big Black same day. Continuing march on to Edwards Station on 4th & 5th & 6th recrossed big Black on 7th and encamped for some days at Baldwin’s Ferry. Left again on 14′ proceeded to Bakers Creek and fought the enemy on the 16th and commenced retreat on night 16 in directon of Jackson, where we arrived on 20th Left Jackson on 1st June on cars and arrived same day at Canton. Left Canton 5th and reached Benton on 7th returend to Moore’s ferry on 10th moved down to Beatties Bluff on 15th proceeded from there to near Vernon on June 30′ 1863, all in Mississippi.”


Field and Staff Muster Roll, Mar & Apr 1864. . . .”Nothing worthy of note has occurred since our arrival at this place, except that the Regt was reviewed by Brig Genl Hodges of President Davis’ staff, after which he expressed a desire to see the Regt drill, and it was therefore ordered by Maj Gen Loring to execute any manoeuvers that Gnl H might wish to see. He called for several which were executed with promptness. He expressed himself highly pleased with the appearance, drill and discipline of the Regt and complimented it by saying that it was the only one he had seen since leaving Richmond that could execute those manoeuvers and was more perfect in the Manual? of Arms than any he had ever seen.”

Co. K “Oktibbeha Plough Boys was mustered out Aug 14, 1861.

Note: Co. H has a Joseph C. Kelly listed as a captain.

*     *     *

Co. G, 15th Regt. Miss. Inf.

27 May to 30 Jun 1861 – station camp brown near Union City.

July & Aug 1861 – camp Buckner, Ky

31 Dec 1861 to 18 Jun 1862 – station not stated.

18 Jun 1862 to 1 Sep 1862 – station Sulphur Springs near Jackson Miss.

Sep & Oct 1862 – station Camp Cold Water Miss

Nov & Dec 1862 – near Grenada Miss

May & June 1863 – basically same as co. H. Skirmished with the enemy on 3rd, retreated across Big Black same day. Met the enemy on 16th and retreated in direction of Jackson

Mar & Apr 1864 – station Montivello Ala. . . .”the orders issued to the company pryor to the Battle of Bakers Creek were lost in the Battle of Bakers Creek with the baggage and company books. We have had no books since that time and cannot furnish the no. and date of orders detailing and transfering men from the company.”

July & Aug 1864 – station Atlanta. “The company has been in various skirmishes & continually under fire since the campaign commenced loss comparatively heavy considering the size of the company & also that it has been in no general engagement. The company papers were destroyed by the raiders in the rear of the Army on or about the 28th July 1864. Therefore this muster roll has to be made out partly by guess.”

A note re muster roll of Captain W. S. Statham’s company in the 4th regiment called into service; 19 Apr 1861 mustered in at Grenada Miss.

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