Nannie Smith Thaxton letters 1938

Original letters to W. G. “Grady” McDonough from Nannie Smith Thaxton (1862-1941), wife of William Henry Thaxton < William < Thomas Thaxton and Sarah Boyd Barnett < John Thaxton of Warren Co., Tennessee.  1st letter is not dated, but appears to be around the same time as the second, 1938:

First letter:

James Barnett Thaxton

son of

Thomas Jefferson Thaxton

married a widow.  I am not sure of her  name before she married Mr. Thaxton we always called her Aunt Julia.  They had two sons – both died while young.  They also had two daughters – Miss Sallie married Mr. Peter Beaty – they had no children – Miss Belle married Reuben Caperton – they had three children, only one living – Miss Anna Caperton who lives at 1406 Brazos St Austin Texas.  There is one great grandson Reuben Matthews.  I do not know his address

There is a Thaxton  town in Va but I could not connect the family there with the Texas family.

Mr. B. F. Johnson (now dead) the authors of The Makers of America wanted to put Mr. W. H. Thaxton in one of his histories.  He said the family was English and had a coat of arms they used in England.  There is another one in Scotland.

If I can help with any more information let me know.

Sincerely yours

Nannie Smith Thaxton

Second letter:

Austin Texas June 10 – 1938

Dear Mr. McDonough:

First I want to thank you for the program booklet.  I think the copies of the old photographs are very interesting.  I looked around and found pictures of William Thaxton and his wife Barsha Ann.  He taught school in Mo. when he was a young man and Barsha Ann Campbell was one of his pupils – they fell in love with each other and started to run away to get married her parents found it out and said to them – “what do you want to elope for we have no objection to you getting married.”  So they married at home.  I think you are finding out a lot of interesting things about the family.

I think some day I will try to get in touch with the Misses Allison and see what I can learn from them for you.

I hope you have a pleasant day for the reunion and a large attendance.

Tennessee is a wonderful old state.  I spent a year or eighteen months there near the little town of Winchester when I was a small girl.  My father and mother were both born in that state.

William Thaxton gave his birth place as Warren Co. Tenn.  If there is anything I can do to help you let me know.  With all good wishes I am very sincerely yours,

Nannie Smith Thaxton

(Mrs. William Henry Thaxton)

Looking for Thackston / Thaxton?  We have 25 years’ research to share.  Betty Porter.

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