Beulah Williams Ousley 1935 letter (<Willie Pearl Thaxton <Robert Cannon Thaxton)

Original letter from Mrs. T. J. Ousley (Beulah Williams Ousley), daughter of Willie Pearl Thaxton < Robert Cannon Thaxton < Thomas Thaxton < William Thackston Jr. < William Thackston < “Old James” Thackston:

West Point Miss

May 26 1935

Mr. W. G. McDonough

McMinnville, Tenn.

Dear Mr. McDonough

We were very glad to have your letter concerning the Thaxton family.  My mother is so interested in the history of the Thaxton family and hopes that she is one of the family.  She never knew her grandfather’s family.

My mother’s maiden name was Willie Thaxton.  Her grandfather was Thomas Thaxton.  He came to Mississippi from another state my mother is not sure just what state, but was the only Thaxton known in Mississippi.  He was killed in a war when mother’s father was five years old and her father lived with the Steel family.

My mother’s father was Robert Cannon Thaxton.  He had two brothers George and Thomas and two sister Nancy and Jane.  He married Susie Easterwood from Tennessee.  There were six children five girls and one boy John Robert Thaxton.

He was an outstanding citizen enjoyed his church, home and community.  He died at the age of fort three (43).

I am glad to help you.  I have written to my mothers aunt that can give you more accurate information.

We certainly appreciate your invitation to the reunion and hope that it is possible for some of the family to attend.

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. T. J. Ousley

Looking for Thackston / Thaxton?  We have 25 years’ research to share.  Betty Porter

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