Mamie Owings Thackston and Stella Owings Thackston court case 1916 Greenville Co., SC

Some genealogical information from Owings v. Wood, 105 S.C. 176, 89 S.E. 667 (1916). Attorneys in the case were both from Greenville, South Carolina.

“This is an action for partition, and involves the construction of Robertson M. Owings’ will, who died in 1880, leaving Charity Owings, his second wife, and the following children by a former wife, to wit, Minerva Wood, Susan Jones, Polly McCreary, and Elizabeth Owings; also the following children, by his second wife, viz.: Rebecca Jones, John W. Owings, J. R. Owings, and T. R. Owings. Polly McCreary, Elizabeth Owings, and John W. Owings died without leaving lineal descendants. J. R. Owings died leaving surviving him his widow, Lavinia Owings, and five children, to wit: Mamie Etta Thackston, Wm. R. Owings, Stella Elizabeth Thackston, J. Toy Owings, and Bessie May Pearson, an infant. The defendant Wm. McCreary is the husband of Polly McCreary, deceased.”

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