J L Thackston restaurant 1882 Yalobusha Co., MS

Tidbit about James L. Thackston (son of James H. Thackston and Rebecca —) of Coffeeville, Yalobusha Co., Mississippi, from a Mississippi Supreme Court case, Carter v. State, 60 Miss. 456 (1882).

“The appellant was indicted for keeping a restaurant without a license. By agreement, the case was tried by the court, and he was convicted. His case was submitted to this court on a bill of exceptions containing an agreed statement of facts as follows: “On the 1st of May, 1882, J. L. Thackston took out a restaurant license and paid $10 for the privilege of running a restaurant in the town of Coffeeville for one year, under the firm name of J. L. Thackston & Co. At the time of taking out the license, Thackston had no partner, the object being, in taking the license out in the name of J. L. Thackston & Co., to employ some other person in connection with him to run the restaurant under this name and license. He afterwards employed W. T. Carter, for a part of the profits, to take charge of the business, and they were to be equal partners. Afterwards, Carter was called upon by the sheriff for his license as a restaurant-keeper, when he exhibited the Thackston & Co. license, and the sheriff told Carter he thought it would do, but would investigate, and if not, he would call again. The sheriff did not call to see Carter any more. At the time he was indicted, Carter was running this restaurant under the Thackston & Co. license, and this is the only restaurant run under the Thackston & Co. license in Coffeeville.”

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