Beulah Haithcock Thaxton court case 1942 Granville Co., NC

Genealogical tidbit from a North Carolina Supreme Court case, Chas. W. Priddy & Co. v. Sanderford, 221 N.C. 422, 20 S.E.2d 341 (1942):


“Peter Haithcock, a resident of Granville County, died testate, seized and possessed of certain land in said county. His will, in part, provides: ‘I give and devise to my beloved wife, Mittie F. Haithcock, the tract of land on which I now reside during her natural life and at her death I want this land to go to my children or their representatives, except that part of the land on the northeast side of the road running from the Tarboro Road to Mt. Energy Road, which I give to my step son Henry Harrison, at the death of my wife.’

He left surviving his widow, Mittie Haithcock, who later intermarried with W. G. Sanderford, and five children, to-wit: Graham Haithcock and the defendants Tiney Haithcock Sadler, Bulah Haithcock Thaxton, Lella Haithcock Stroud, and Sadie H. Young, all of whom are still living.”

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